guf: version 2.

He shook his cage, throwing himself against the bars. The cell continued forward, moving down the hallways of large plated doors. Ocat Belll grunted and threw himself against the bars again. The robotic cage wheeled on, unaffected. He pushed against the roof of his cell, stamping the floor. The cart stopped. Ocat thought he had succeeded. But, then the cart abruptly turned, throwing him off balance. The plated door in front of him slid open, as did the door on the cage. He heard a whirring sound from behind him and turned to see a wall of bars close in on him.

“You’ll regret this!” he yelled at the top of his voice as the bars pushed him into the cold stone room. Belll pushed himself to a sitting position. A thick door closed, shrouding the room in darkness.

He heard a soft rumble. He felt his weight being lifted. The cell was falling into the ground. Ocat felt himself rise as the cell fell deeper and deeper. Suddenly, the room stopped. Ocat was crushed under the momentum.

It took a while for Ocat to regain his balance. He pulled himself up. Reaching into his shirt, he followed a chain from around his neck to a warm metal medallion. He pulled it to his lips and whispered into it. The medallion began to glow. He continued to whisper into it and soon, his cell was filled with a bright red light. The walls began to shake, raining dust onto Ocat. He fell silent, and the room was once more shrouded in darkness.


Ocat Belll awoke to a loud rumbling sound. His cell was being lifted back to the surface. He thought that the guards had found out what he had done. They had come to kill him. The cell came to an abrupt halt, sending Ocat to his knees. The plated door slid open. On the other side stood a guard. He had a look of fear in his eyes, staring into the corner of Ocatís cell. Ocat stood up, as he did, the guard fell forward, his face hit the floor right in front of Ocatís feet. Blood pooled out from a gaping hole in his back, forming rivers along the creases of his blue uniform. The blood flowed around Ocatís leather boots. He stepped carefully over the corpse into the hallway. Blood covered the walls, dripping from their initial impact to their ownersí corpses in the floor. All of the guards lay strewn over the floor; large sections of their bodies were missing. Ocat stepped between the corpses, retracing the way he had come the day before.

There was a whimper; he looked through a side hallway. A guard was pinned against a wall, his feet kicking above the ground. A large red claw clamped his neck to the metal wall. The claw was from an orange creature. It stood on two feet with a long pointed tail. Its head was large and bore two thin eyes and not much else.

ìAhem.î The creature turned its head to face Ocat Bell. As did the guard, breathing heavily with blood running down his face. ìLet this one live,î Ocat said calmly. The creature didnít loosen his grip. ìSomeone needs to tell the story,î Ocat insisted. The creature dropped his massive claw, letting the guard slide to the ground. Ocat walked slowly toward the fallen guard.

ìTell them everything.î Ocat motioned to the creature, which followed him down the hallway. As they passed more walkways, more creatures joined them, all of them the same as the first. Together, they walked the length of the hallway, Ocat Belll and his pack of creatures. They came to a halt in a large lobby. Many of the windows had been smashed and more blood streaked the front desk. Ocat walked over the shattered glass, to the broken windows. He could see large masses of people crowed behind frail barriers.   Police paced the perimeter, keeping people back from the building. The noise of shouts filled Ocatís ears.

ìWe can see you!î a voice rose above the crowd. It came from a megaphone in the hands of a police officer. ìPlease step out and away from the building with your hands where we can see them.î Other officers stood around the perimeter, their guns pointed at Ocat. ìSir!î the police officer called.

Ocat slowly took a step forward, the glass crackled under his bloodstained boot. He took another. He walked slowly over the littered floor. The shadows of the building lifted as he walked toward the outside; first his white pants, then his white blazer, which lay open to reveal a dark brown shirt. On the shirt lay his medallion. His face stayed in the shadow of his white wide-brimmed hat. He reached the doorway. He folded his arms neatly behind his back. Mumbling under his breath, Ocat Belll stepped out of the building. He took a few steps forward and stopped.

ìSir,î the police officer called again. ìPut your hands where we can see them.î Ocat continued mumbling to himself. His medallion began to glow. ìSir, Iíll ask you one last time, put your hands up.î The medallionís light grew brighter. ìSir–î but he was cut short by the terrified screams of the people behind them. They watched as a hundred orange creatures launched themselves from the battered window frames toward the crowd. The police turned their fire to the creatures before they were pushed to the ground as they plowed their claws through them. The creatures pulled and clawed at the screaming policemen, their blood flooded the street. The people behind the barricade turned and fled in a sea of screams and shouts. They pushed and pulled their way down the street, putting as much distance as they could between them and a gory death. The policemen shrieked as they were pulled apart by the creatures. Their innards lay scattered throughout the street. The creatures then lunged from the dead police over the barriers, tackling and killing anyone who was left behind.

Ocat Belll stood and watched as one of his creatures pierced a small boy. His medallion still glowed bright red. He whispered to it again, and it became dark once more. The creatures stopped the slaughter. They stood up and turned toward Ocat Bell. He waved his arm. The creatures began to glow bright silver. Soon the metallic light engulfed them. The lights slowly shrank until they were nothing.   Ocat waved his hand again, and he too disappeared.


ìThe scene here is gruesome at the Maximum Security Penitentiary in Arizona.î A woman in a gray blazer spoke into a microphone. ìBuilt just ten years ago, this is the first time anyone attacked it. The streets are filled with blood and the corpses, as is the interior of the building. This is an unprecedented event that can only be explained as an alien attack. We know go to some people who witness this horror unfold.î Another person appeared. He had short black hair and large glasses.

ìThere was this guy in a white cowboy getup,î he started. ìAnd when he walked out, his necklace started glowing, and all these orange things started jumping out of the windows and biting off peopleís heads.î

The woman looked surprised. ìCould you describe these ëorange things?íî

ìThey looked kinda like lizards, but on two legs. And they had these huge red claws that theyíd use to tear people apart. And big, round orange heads, with little slits for eyes. And they practically flew through the sky to attack people.î

Another man appeared, he wore a torn blue uniform and blood ran down his face. ìSo, you were inside the penitentiary when this attack took place.î

ìThatís right,î the man shook with fear. ìI heard the alarm go off so I decided to see what happened. But then I saw the beast. They jumped onto the other guards and slaughtered them. There was blood everywhere. I turned and ran away. But one of the creatures found me, and he was about to kill me to, but a guy in a white cowboy hat told him to leave one alive. Then the creature just followed him out.î

ìThat must have been terrifying.î The woman turned back to the camera. ìThe press has just released this image of the attack.î The screen showed a picture of an orange creature clawing a policemanís face. ìAuthorities have yet to count the number of casualties. For The Central News Network, Iím Katie–î She froze.

ìWhat the hell happened?î Raqz Akai pointed to the paused image. He stood in a long room with a table in the middle. The newscast had been projected onto a large screen. ìThis is absolutely outrageous. Who here knew this was talking place?î
A Martian stood from his place at the table. He had large black eyes that covered half of his head, and his ears folded neatly behind him. ìThis is not a GUF attack. We would never attack Earth; they have done nothing to provoke us.î He gestured toward the screen with his three orange fingers. ìI believe it is an attack from a terrorist group, hoping to destroy Earth.î

Another Martian stood up. ìThere are many terrorist organizations, how do we know which one it was?î

A Plutonian spoke. ìBut how could someone control that number of Ikhav?î his high voice emanated from his hidden mouth.

ìArki has a point,î the second Martian sat down. ìIkhav are usually monstrous beasts that are impossible to tame.î

ìMaybe they were bred in captivity,î the first Martian refilled his seat.

ìThatís highly unlikely.î Raqz ran his fingers through his short gray hair. ìThe primitive minds of Ikhav are very stubborn. To hold them in captivity would be suicidal. Itís only recently that they discovered our existence, and now they think weíre savage murders.î

ìWhat are we going to do,î Arki raised his voice. ìItís not like we can show ourselves outright. Knowing them, theyíd probably kill us on the spot.î

ìWe have to let them make the first move.î Raqz began to pace the width of the table. ìAnd when they do, they need to learn that we donít want to harm them. In the mean time, we need to find out what happened on Earth.î


ìSir,î a man ran down the carpeted hallway, portraits hung on the white walls. ìMister President!î He came to a halt in front of a large oak door. The man rapidly struck the door with his fist. ìMister President!î The knob turned and the door opened just enough to reveal a face.

ìWhat do you want?î the presidentís sleep had been interrupted. He was still dressed in sweatpants and a wrinkled t-shirt.

ìSir,î the man panted. ìThere has been an attack in Arizona. Over fifty casualties.î

ìIs it a possible terrorist attack?î the presidentís tired face immediately tightened.

ìNo,î the man looked down. ìNo, itís much worse.î

ìGet me the secretary of defense, the head of the FBI, and anyone else who can help.î

ìYes, sir.î He door slammed shut and the man ran down the hallway again.

ìGive me an update,î the President leaned onto a cool metal table. The room was dark and a single incandescent light shown in the middle, grimly illuminating the faces of the people around the table. ìWhat the hell happened in Arizona?î

A woman spoke from the darkness. ìThe High Security Penitentiary was attacked.î

ìAny casualties?î The president looked worried.

ìYes,î the womanís voice became harsher. ìThirty five employees of the penitentiary were slaughtered along with seventeen policemen, three adults and a small child.î

The president choked. ìThatísÖ thatís terrible. Who could have done this?î

A man spoke next. ìThe witnesses say it was,î he hesitated. ìAliens.î

ìWhat?î the president was taken aback. ìAliens donít exist, do they?î

ìWell,î the woman spoke again. ìA few years ago, in July of 2093, NASA received an image from one of their rovers.î There was a hiss as a page slid across the table toward the president. On the page, there was a picture of Marsís surface. There were three distinct shadows of Martians on the horizon. In the ground there was a footprint, it had two large pointed toes.

ìAnd you say these things attacked the prison?î

ìThatís the only explanation,î another man spoke. ìThe testimonies from the witnesses all describe something that weíve never encountered before.î Another page slid toward the president. ìThis is the image that the press released of the attack.î

The president gulped. The paper showed an orange creature gouging a policemanís face. After some hesitation, he cast the picture off. ìWhat are our options?î

ìWell, we canít do nothing,î the woman spoke. ìIf we let this slide, we wonít have the publicís support for future events.î

ìWe could declare war,î a man spoke.

ìOn the aliens?î another man spoke. ìWe donít know what they are or where they come from, Tom. We donít even know if they exist.î

ìWe could wait,î another man spoke.

ìBrilliant Alex,î the president stood up. ìLetís just sit on our asses and wait for more Americans to be torn to shreds.î

ìWell, what the hell are we supposed to do?î Alex pressed.

ìWe could still declare war,î Tom suggested. ìWe could send NASA to find out where these things came from.î
ìOut of the question,î Alex raised his voice. ìYou saw what they did in Arizona. Who knows what theyíll do when provoked. Attack is out of the question.î

ìNot so fast, Alex,î the president sounded more concerned now. ìWe may not have any other options.î


ìDid you see the news today?î Qay closed the door to his room. His friends Xeon and Zexs waited in the hallway. The red carpet only stretched a few meters in either direction, before disappearing into darkness.   As did the walls, each lined with doors end to end.

ìYeah man,î Xeon said. ìA bunch of Ikhav attacked earth. It was crazy.î They walked down the hallway, which materialized in front of them and disappeared behind them as they moved.

ìDid you see them?î Zexs recalled. ìThey like, ripped off all those humanís faces.î

ìYeah,î Qay agreed. ìIt was wicked.î The three of them walked until the long hallway opened into a high-domed room. There were sofas lining the circular wall, only giving way to doorways, where more aliens were passing. Aliens were standing around the room in small clusters, conversing about their day, about sports, about whatever came to mind. Qay, Xeon, and Zexs walked through the crowd, hearing bits of othersí conversations as they passed.

ìAnd it went in just asÖhe ran like crazy…then it bit off his faceÖit was so loudÖthatís what she saidÖhey dork-face!î Qay turned around.   He faced Zam and Zen Boni, the two Martians that Qay did not want to see. ìQay Akai, howís it going?î Zam smiled.

ìI didnít know you had time to play online games