guf: version 1


It’s the year 3000. One thousand ninety-two years since cars started to destroy Earth’s atmosphere. But only nine-hundred eight years since you knew we existed. And ever since then, we knew of trouble afoot.

An Earthling by the name of Ocat Belll, the one who so-called “discovered” us, had been arrested for being a mass-murderer. Hi is also a rogue agent of the Galactic Undercover Forces. He was taken to Mercury, the interplanetary prison for this system. Belll is also the only one to have ever escaped from there. The whole solar system had him at the top of their lists of crooks. Rumors spread that he has created an army of ikhav, vicious creatures with large claws, found on Sedna.

This story begins in the year 2003. NASA has decided to launch a rover to Mars. When the news reached the Martian Y’timmoc fo Sredael (sort of like Earth’s United Nations), the whole planet engulfed itself in complete choas. G.U.F., or the Galactic Undercover Forces, generously gave shelter to the Martians leaving their home. A group of five hundred or so Martians stayed to, hopefully, shut down the rovers.

This is a story about me: an eleven year-old boy from Quaoar, and my adventures as a G.U.F. agent.

My name is Qay Akai. I have one younger sister, Zee, and one older brother Jay. We live on a space station that orbits Earth, the old I.S.S., alond with our friends, Xeon and his sister Mara, both genetically created on Xotar, in the Outer Rim, and their brother Xalo, whose lower half became amputated after a brutal fight with Zexs. The dubheads from Neptune surgically replaced it with a propellor. Now he owes them a life-debt. Zexs also lives with us. He overestimates himself a lot, and he relies on his armor. It probably doesn’t even work. We all live with the Martians, Zen and Zenagen, the twins. We are all G.U.F. agents.

Chapter 1: Real-Time

“This is K6 to J2, come in J2. Over,” the intercom in Jay’s star speeder recited. He picked up the microphone.

“This is J2. Over,” he replied.

“I need backup! Over,” I spoke into my microphone.

“I’ll send Z4. What’s your position? Over.”

“Sector GBE. Over.”

“What?” Jay didn’t know what I was talking about.

“You forgot to say over. Over,” I retorted.

“Fine, so where are you? OVER!”

“To the left of the middle booster on the center destroyer,” I explained.

“This is Z4,” a new voice chimed in.

“You forgot to say over. Over.”

“Who cares? It’s just a video game.”


“Well, sorry,” Zee snapped at me. “So, what do you want me to do?” She hovered over to my speeder.

“I want you to go in that empty tunnel and find the blue crystal. That will delete all the ground defenses,” I told her.

Zee entered the tunnel. It became pitch black. She turned on the headlights and proceeded into the tunnel.

We waited for her to re-emerge. When she did, all the destroyers in the formation turned to us, blasters poised for fire. The whole area filled with red laser beams going in every which way.

“Head home!” Jay yelled before a laser struck his speeder. He vanished as if he were a hologram. Zee’s and my fate soon followed. Soon, we sat in a small room in front of a glowing doorway that read: “REAL-TIME, ALL THE MAGIC OF TRANS-DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL, AT HOME!” You see, Real-Time video game systems work very oddly: you just program what you want to play, or where you want to go and — ba-BLAM — you’re there.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded and red lights flashed in the room. Apparently knowing what to do, we ran out of the room and to the stairs. Aliens of all different shapes and sizes crowded the stairs. We made our way, running down the stairs, trying to avoid passers-by. After the first few flights of stairs, I heard Jay mumble “forget this” as he jumped over the railing and started free-falling down the center of the spiraling staircase. Zee and I followed. We fell almost a minute until our feet hit the floor. Stumbling from the sudden impact, we ran toward the Big Boss’s office: Raqif is his name. We burst through the doors just as someone else walked out of them.

“Yeah-dad?” Jay blurted out as he entered. Raqif sat behind his desk, his hands clasped on the hard bioplasm surface.

“I suppose you ran all the way here, so I’ll cut to the chase,” he said with a smirk, knowing that we fell most of the way here.

“Xeon, PC, and Mara are on Earth,” he began. “You three will meet them there. You will stay at the base in the Bermuda Triangle. you will make a visit to the United States of America, to an area called Florida. There is a NASA station there. You, Xeon, and Mara will take the tour to find out how much progress they’ve made on Mars. Then, go back to base and send your report with PC.”

“Sounds easy enough,” Jay commented.

“Good,” replied Raqif. “Your pods are ready.” And with that, we ran to the hangars.

Chapter 2: NASA

As we landed on a small platform near a gloomy building on a small island, Xeon and Mara came towards us.

“You finally got some lights,” I smirked as I climbed out of the cockpit. As Mara and Zee greeted each other in their girly way that involves hugging and high-pitched screaming, Jay walked straight into the building.

This whole… shenanigan… represents the hard work of the Galactic Undercover Forces. And no Earthling has ever been brave enough to enter the Bermuda Triangle in which it’s located. The inside looked much like an indoor town. It was complete with stores, offices, restaurants, and laboratories; the octagonal homing chambers that lined the walls gave an effect of a pearl-white beehive. Our rooms already had our stuff in it.

As we arrived in Florida, along with Xeon and Mara, the people greeted us by giving us confused glares. Jay, after studying human behaviour for a few years now, hung his head, for that is what humans do when presented with such glares. But this only made it worse, more pedestrians stopped and stared. I looked around, everyone said we looked human, why were we different? It was then I realized that Jay had white hair. On this planet, wisdom wasn’t measured by how white your hair was. Everyone had either blonde or brown hair. I quickly pulled out some hats from my backpack and gave them to everyone (also to hide our pointy ears, but no one seemed to notice that). After putting them on, all the humans went back to doing their own little things.

As we approached the front desk, the clerk turned his head and looked away.

“Excuse me,” Jay began. The clerk still didn’t look at him. “When are the tours?” Jay asked. The clerk just pointed vaguely next to the window. There hung a sign that said: “the next tour starts at 12:30.” Jay looked at his watch, it read 11:57.

“And where are they?” Jay asked. “The clerk just turned to Jay. His pale face made his blonde hair look dark. He had tired written all over his face. He pointed a lazy finger at Jay. It took Jay a while to figure out that the clerk actually tried to point behind him. He turned around and saw a small line of people standing under a banner that said TOURS.

“Thank you.” All five of us walked toward the line.

At 12:00, we boarded a small bus-like vehicle. As we moved through the hallway on the car, the man driving started to speak. Welcome to NASA in Florida. I’m Eric B, your tour guide for today. You might have heard about us discovering aliens…” There was a short pause. “… that is true.” There was a quiet applause.

“Lame,” I said, under my breath. Xeon smiled.

“And to your left and right, you will see crucial evidence of our discovery.” On the walls hung photographs of Mars. Some had dim outlines of Martians in the distance. Another showed Martian homes. One even had a Martian hand up close.

“Dad said: ‘go from behind, sneak up from behind,’ but no! They just had to get caught,” Zee said sarcastically. Eric didn’t notice.

“Have you made physical contact yet?” some lady in the front blurted out.

“From what we know, these creatures are too dangerous to approach.”

“Lootis,” Xeon coughed.

“So, we will be sending troops from the military to Mars on August twenty-eighth of this year,” Eric continued. They had found out all they needed to know. The tour continued.

In the dead of night, a lone rowboat drifted in the nearly still water. The man inside lay on his back, old and brittle.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of rushing water. Tiredly, he pushed himself into a sitting position. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Right in front of him was a giant waterfall. But this water fell up and down at the same time. The current pulled the board toward the paradox. As he approached it, the peaceful sound of the water turned into a thunderous roar. The intriguing waterfall turned into a raging deathtrap. Droplets of ice-cold water stung his face. His boat entered the falls. It chewed up his boat and threw the man through the air. He landed face-first in the sand. The man breathed heavily. His heart pounded. The last thing he saw through his blurred vision were three legs walking toward him.

“We found another one,” PC and I were walking down the stairs to the offices.

“That’s the fifth one this year,” I replied. We walked to one of the lab windows. Inside, an old man lay on the table. He had wrinkly skin and long, curly, grey hair. He had a few scratches and splinters and sand covered his face.

“Zen saw him flying through the falls last night,” PC explained. “He’s not dead yet.” PC is one of the best computer technicians in the Force. He’s about my age and helps us out from his office.

We stepped into an empty room.

“So, what did you learn?” asked PC. I told him about what I learned on the tour at NASA.

“August twenty-eighth?” PC exclaimed. “That’s in seventy-four days!” He stood up and turned towards the door. I stood up, too.

“And, just where are you going?” I asked.

“To give my regards to Broadway, what do you think?” With that, he walked out the door.

This can’t be good, I thought to myself. What the heck is Broadway?

Chapter 3: Livistal

So, I go into the G.U.F. main library, which has every known fact ever known, to look up “Broadway.” This may sound weird, but it sounded interesting. While I was browsing, I was listening to my music. The great Livistal of 2017 Tariq Azir Akai, my very, very, very great grandfather, said that when certain things were about to happen, he heard a certain tune of music. To help people understand what was going on, he composed music for every tune he heard in his head. Tariq entitled them according to what the song foreshadowed, for example, there’s a song of Quest, Evil, Death, Diligence, Family, Love, Surprise, War, almost everything. That was the music I was listening to. Currently, I was enjoying the sound of Quest.

Zenagen crept up behind me.

“Isn’t it weird that your initials are Q.R.A?”

I turned to him.

“Isn’t it weird that you only turn up when–I don’t care? Now if you don’t mind, I’m trying to listen to music.”

“Why do you listen to that kind of music? It doesn’t have any words. Now you see Naimad Laup, he has good music.” Zenagen was always a fan of Naimad Laup, also known as R.J.G. Nog.

“For your information, I do listen to Nog. So leave me alone.” Zenagen walked away. I turned back to my reading. A few minutes later, I heard the song of Change. That’s when I realized that I took my headphones off while I was talking to Zenagen. I spun my head around to hear where the music was coming from. I must have been in my head, so I just continued reading. Apparently, “Broadway” is a musical street that involves theater and stretches across Manhattan, New York. But then, the Song of Change became louder. I felt faint. I fell back in my chair as an icy tingling sensation crept up my back. My whole body became encased in ice. It was dark.

Qay woke in his bedroom. His brother Jay sat next to him.

“What happened?” Qay asked Jay.

“Uoy tinew gourt yatrubup ni eht arbil evif syad oga,” Jay explained in Egaugnal. “Ouy ere nezorf rof eht strif owt syad, tou dloc rof eht reto eert.” He got up and walked to the door. “Li let rathaf wonk ruoy ekawa.” He opened the door. “Eb, Livistal.” With that, he left.

His older brother almost never spoke to Qay in Egaugnal. At least not more than a sentence. And why did he call Qay a Livistal?

Qay heard the song of Surprise and turned to hear where it came from. Instead he saw Xeon swinging in through the window. As soon as Xeon saw Qay looking at him, he kneeled down in a bow. Zexs also fell in through the window. He stood up, wiping himself off.

“Hey Qay — WHOA! What happened to your hair?” Zexs stared at Qay, open mouthed. Xeon hit Zexs in the back of the knees with one of his battle hammers. Zexs fell to his hands and knees.

Livistal,” Xeon whispered into Zexs’s ear.

“What the the leh are you talking about?” asked Qay. “Get up off that floor!” Way was very confused. Xeon just pointed to Qay’s newly grown tail. “I know, it grew in the library a few days ba–” Qay stared at his tail. It glistened silver in the light. The same silver as that of his ancestor, Tariq Akai.

Chapter 4: School

“There’s got to be a reasonable explanation for this,” Qay sat with Xeon, Zen, PC, and Zenagen. “JAY! He must’ve painted my hair white and my tail silver while I was asleep!”

“If he did, you would have been able to wash it out by now,” Zen replied.

“He wouldn’t put it in permanently, would he?” PC questioned.

“No, he wouldn’t,” Qay replied.

“Maybe you are a Livistal,” said Xeon. “I mean, it does run in your family.”

There was nothing else to do. Qay was a Livistal, and that was that.

School was not much easier for Qay. Everyone kept staring at him. And some people whispered behind his back. The school seemed more crowded during passing period. Qay hadn’t gotten this much attention since–

Yabot, the school bully, paced up to Qay quickly.

“You think you can come to school like that?” Qay heard the music of Evil in his ears. “You can never be like Tariq Akai. Never in your wildest dreams. This isn’t Neewolla. You suck!” He pushed Qay against one of the lockers. “You’re late for your monthly beating. But this time, it’s gonna be extra har–” Mrs. Andromeda, Qay’s homeroom teacher, put a hand on Yabot’s shoulder.

“That would be enough, Mr. Corisanellimthimum.” Yabot stalked off. “You better get to class, Qay,” Mrs. Andromeda smiled. The song of Revenge played softly in Qay’s head. Qay was confused. He was just saved, why would he take revenge?

It wasn’t until after class ended that Qay knew what the music foretold. Yabot came rushing down the halls towards Qay. His face was all shrewd up and he took deliberate steps. The music of Doom rand in Qay’s ears.

“Like I said, you’re going down,” growled Yabot.

“Uhhhh, no you didn’t,” Qay replied.

“Oh yeah? Then what did I say?”

“You said: ‘You think you can come to school like that? You can never be like Tariq Akai. Never in your wildest dreams. This isn’t Neewolla. You suck!’ Then you pushed me against the lockers. Then you said: ‘You’re late for your monthly beating. But this time, it’s gonna be extra har–‘ But then Mrs. Andromeda stopped you before you could do anymore. Then I called you a kuf-drat.”

“You didn’t call me a– wait a minute” (the bully is dumber than he looks) “Did you just call me a ‘cough drop’?”

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t”

“At least my brain’s bigger than a cough drop.”

“Oh yeah? By how much?” That was the last straw. Qay saw his own face hit the wall, but didn’t feel it. So he ducked. Yabot screamed in pain as his fist struck the wall. Qay felt his gut fold inward, but didn’t feel it. He swiped his arm across his front. He felt the clash of his wrist pushing away Yabot’s. Then, Qay’s fist shot itself into Yabot. There was only ont thing Qay hadn’t done: run. While Yabot stood back, clutching his stomach, Qay sprinted. As soon as Yabot saw him running, he followed. Yabot was gaining on Qay, fast. Qay rounded the nearest corner only to find it a dead end. Now he was stuck between a solid bioplasm wall and certain doom.

Yabot came into view. But instead of charging at Qay, he stood in the opening, looking around. I knew it! Thought Qay. I knew that if you stand really still in front of a dumb person, they can’t see you. Mrs. Andromeda came up behind Yabot.

“What are you doing now, Mr. Corisanellimthimum?” she questioned.

“Jus… just looking for someone,” Yabot answered.

“Well you can see that no one is in this area.” Mrs. Andromeda was not stupid, but why couldn’t she see Qay? Qay looked at his hand. Or did he?

Chapter 5: New Discoveries

Qay waited for Yabot to leave. He kept on staring at his hand. As soon as Yabot left, he could see his hand again. He had to tell someone.

Qay raced to his room, turned on his Real-Time, grabbed his laser sword and hoverboard, and jumped into the internet. He surfed the internet on his hoverboard, destroying pop-ups with his laser sword. He finally found his destination.

Qay entered PC’s guestroom on Space Stay, a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). A note on PC’s wall said he was in the Nova Lounge. Qay wen there. PC was sitting in the far corner of the room with his laptop. Qay ran over.

“PC, I disappeared!” Qay told PC, who looked up in surprise.

“You did what?” PC asked in amazement.

“One minute, Yabot was chasing me. The next second, I was gone,” Qay explained. Soon, PC’s fingers were flying all over the keyboard.

“According to legend, the Livistal can change waves of light. You must have absorded the light so that it doesn’t bounce off of you. And to see, light bounces off an object and is reversed through the lens in your–”

“Yeah, yeah, I know how to see. So, you’re saying that instead of bouncing into someone’s eyes, the light was absorbed into the object?”


“But the light was still going into my eyes, so I could see?”

“It’s proven, he can learn!” PC chuckled.e

Tush puh!

“The legend also says that the Livistal could manipulate large masses of gas molecules telekinetically, causing things to fall, float, and even suffocate. According to first person accounts, the Livistal could summon these powers at will.”

“So you’re saying,” Qay started, sitting cross-legged on a cloud of air, two feet above the ground. “That I can use these powers wherever and whenever I want?”

“I think you already know that.”

“You will need proper training to use these powers responsibly.”


“First, history,” Iansen Reniart, the martial arts teacher of our space station, paced the room in front of Qay. “This prophecy was foretold a long, long time ago by an alien from a galaxy far, far away know as…”

“George Lucas, who became a multimedia director on Earth, he created ten famous motion pictures; four about an archaeologist named Indiana Jones, but that’s beyond the point. He created six movies in the series called Star Wars, which featured these powers as something called the Force. The Force was common among Jedi, though the truth is that this power is very rare. It wasn’t a prophecy, it was a failed plan to expose the powers of some races as well as a way to entertain ignorant Earthlings. It was passed off as fiction and became a blockbuster hit.” Qay finished Iansen’s explanation before he could get halfway through.

“…something called the Force,” Iansen continued very slowly. “The Force was common among… wha–? why, yes.”

A few hours later, Qay’s training was over. All Qay wanted to do was sleep. But no, he couldn’t. Because of all the people in the Universe, Zexs had to show up.

“How’d it go? Are you all trained? You must be really tired. Was the trainer mean? Can you show me some of your new tricks?” Are you gonna use your powers in the war?” Qay cut him off. He hadn’t thought about the war for a long time. “Are you gonna answer my questions? Are ya? Are ya? Are ya?”

Qay glared at Zexs. “To answer your questions: boring, yes, yes, I am, no, maybe, yes.”

But Zexs wasn’t satisfied. “Show me one of your tricks. Show me! Show me! Show m–” But it was too late, Zexs was up against a wall fifty feet away and Qay stalked his way to his room.

Chapter 6: War

The G.U.F. army camped out inside Mount Olympus on Mars two days prior to the scheduled attack. It was a good idea because the army came a day and a half early. Everyone in the mountain waited patiently until one of the six lookouts saw something. Who knows how many sehc tournaments were played.

About halfway through day one, two lookouts from opposite sides of the mountain came running into Raqif’s office.

“Ya was eht yamra no eht torn noziro,” said one.

“Ya was meht no eht tous,” said the other.

“Eunitoc ganitaw,” was Raqif’s only reply. About halfway between the mountain and the horizon, both armies stopped. Terrified, the second lookout sprinted into Raqif’s office.

“Eht yamra ni eht tous si Ikhav!!” he yelled.

“Era lits ganimoc?”

“On, yeht depots. Yeht hegim eva nees eht reto yamra. Taw od ew od?”

“Tel em kinit.”

Qay, Xeon, and Zexs were hanging out near the edge of the steep mountain. Xeon and Zexs were quarreling about random nonsense. All of a sudden, Qay saw Zexs in a raging inferno, hitting the sand of the planet’s surface. He spun around them.

“XEON, STOP!” But it was too late. Xeon had already punched Zexs as hard as he could. Zexs stumbled backwards off the edge of the cliff. In horror, Qay and Xeon watched Zexs fall. Then, two hydrothermal missiles came straight at Zexs and exploded. Zexs fell to the ground, engulfed in flame.

Qay and Xeon stared at each other. Their open mouths curled into smiles.

“We are free from the stupidity!” they both yelled, dancing around.

Someone else must have heard the explosion because a few moments later, a Martian ran to the balcony.

“Taw eht leh denena?” he asked.

“The Earthlings fired at us,” Xeon replied with a fake frown. “We lost one.” He pointed over the cliff. The Martian looked over the edge.

“Ha, sti yako. Sti yalno eht bemud dik.” The Martian walked away chuckling.

Then, all of a sudden, they heard a low rumble. Xeon and Qay looked over the edge of the mountain. Zexs’s burned corpse floated off the ground. Not really, no. On a more serious note: the armies started marching toward each other. The lookouts were too busy playing sehc to notice. Qay ran down to Raqif’s office.

“Dad, the armies are starting toward each other. What are we going to do?”

“We are going to go south to fight the Ikhav. We don’t want the earthlings to think of us as enemies. We will fight as allies. We will discover who brought the ikhav. We will be victorious.” Qay ran to the door to spread the word.

“Wait,” Raqif called him back. “Take this,” he said, giving him an amulet. “It will bring you luck.” Qay looked at the amulet. It was the same one that the Late Tariq Akai always wore. The Ishkar.

A clash of swords met the first line of ikhav. Qay swung his laser sword, relieving an ikhav of its head.

“Eno,” he panted under his breath. He swung his laser sword up to the underside of an ivkal. “Owt,” Qay counted as purple blood sprayed in all directions. He chucked a grenade into a large cluster of ikhav. “Eert… ruf… evif… xis… nevan, giet, eni, net, vlet, neetirt, neetorf, neefif, neexis.” Qay counted the falling bodies. “Hey Xeon, sixteen!” he yelled to Xeon. Xeon swung his soul caliber through five ikhav at once.

“Twenty,” he replied. Qay threw the glowing blade into the chest of a nearby ikhav. Pulling the laser sword out of the ikhav’s gills, Qay did a somersault, pushing off one ikhav with his spiked shoes. He flew through the air, spinning. Qay knocked two ikhav heads together in front of an Earthling soldier. He swung around and went flying in the other direction. He spun both his laser swords at break-neck speeds and trampled down the lanes, decapitating ikhav. Finally, he landed right in front of Xeon. Qay grabbed Xeon’s head and flung it down with his left hand and beheaded the ikhave behind Xeon with the other. Xeon stood back up.

“Twenty four,” said Qay, smirking.

The battle lasted for well over five hours. Qay and Xeon had both killed 246,761.5 ikhav each. Zen and Zenagen only topped 1,200 each. Everyone else fought their own battle. Some Earthlings tried to kills some G.U.F. agents. Suddenly, a land rover buckled passed Qay, plowing down ikhav. Qay slid his hoverboard from his back to his feet and took off, following the rover. He slaughtered ikhav left and right as he dodged and swerved through the body-strewn battlefield. As he caught up with the rover, he launched his grappling hook onto the rear bumper. Qay followed the rover until it stopped in front of a small pole. Jay clambered out of the rover towards the pole.

“Alright, PC,” Jay said into his headphones. “Have any guesses?” There was a short pause. Jay tapped the top of the pole in four different places. “Nope, nothing. Anything else?” Qay moved around to get a better view. The top of the pole was a keypad. After Jay tried almost twenty codes, Qay became frustrated and crushed the pole with the air around it. The keypad crumbled under Jay’s finger. He looked around wildly to see what had caused it. Qay ducked behind the rover. Suddenly, to their amazement, a large spherical building stood before them.