iBookAuthorI’ve been writing stories since as long as I can remember, here’s a few of the old manuscripts that I’ve found on various drives. Bear in mind, some of these texts are over a decade old, and are no way indicative of my current writings. If you’d like to see that, check out my blog.


Recently, two of my essays have been nominated for the Calgary Literary Kaleidoscope, which recognizes creative and critical work from the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University. Coincidentally, one of my essays is creative and the other is critical.

Surviving Happiness

cover-1Inspired by a wonderful class on comics, taught by Nick Sousanis, I endeavoured to document some of the techniques that I’ve used to combat depression (from which I have suffered for almost a decade) in the form of a short graphic novel. One of the major inspirations for the content of this book is Marbles by Ellen Forley, while the form was inspired by Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. I hope that this work can inspire those who are affected by depression. You can see more of the amazing work produced by my classmates here.

Beckett’s Background Brought Forward


Ray Bradbury famously hated television; he thought their prevalence spelt the end of literacy in the world. However, the state of visual media today (TV, film, and even video games) rivals that of the traditional written word. In this essay, I explore the work of Samuel Beckett (whose name strikes fear even in the hearts of English Majors) and how his writing style is reflected in the least likely of places. This essay focuses on Beckett’s style of humour, but I’m hoping to expand on it in the future to draw more comparisons between written and visual literature. Read More.

 Uncreative Chapbook

This is a collection of short works presented for Christian Bök‘s Uncreative Writing Class. Download ePubPDF, or iBooks.

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