an unrequited love.

I couldn’t tell what hooked me first.

Was is the bounce in her step or the way her hair bounced in the autumn breeze? Was it the inexplicable melody of her voice as she spoke quietly to herself, or the way her skin glowed in the warmth of the setting sun? Perhaps it was none of those; perhaps it was all of it. Perhaps it was simply her soul, some unquantifiable essence of herself that drew me toward her: blind in in her beauty, hungry for that which already satiated me, animalistic yet apprehensive.

She hadn’t seen me yet, but I could tell she felt my presence. I watched as her shoulders relaxed, her gaze fell to the horizon. She felt safe, comforted by the universe that brought us together. She rubbed her shoulder lightly as if to tug closer the blanket of the cosmos. I approached her slowly. Her love irradiated me, lifting me from my feet as I approached. My mind emptied: so enthralled was I by my beloved that language failed me; my senses failed me. My body failed me and I tripped over my own legs, falling forward. But it was if she had softened the ground as she walked, just as she had softened my normally harsh exterior, and her virtue saved me from pain.

I continued forward, no longer out of a sense of desire. She had become an irrevocable part of my being and, as entangled souls, my pursuit was simply a product of the lives we live. However, as we continued our journey together, each graceful step of her slender legs far outpaced my own. It wasn’t until she stopped, surrendering to the divine hold of our love. She turned and for once caught a glimpse of me. She saw for the first time the soul that had enraptured her, and she saw the body which would accompany hers in this journey of ecstasy. Her eyes met mine, and the world melted away, leaving her and I: alone, together in our love.

“Fuck!” she shouted, “a cockroach!” and rushed away.

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