I’m running for president.

This year, I am running for President of the Ismaili Student Association for the Prairies. No small feat, I’ll admit, but I know that there’s some changes that need to be implemented. The following is my complete platform:

Campus Jamatkhana locations and times: I’d like to have one room to use every day for Campus Jamatkhana, instead of changing rooms every day. The SU lets us use the Multi-Faith Prayer room twice per week, but I’d like to have a single room, perhaps a classroom, that we have access to. We’d need to provide a sitting surface, if it’s in a classroom. I personally have a Persian style rug I’d be willing to donate if needed. I’d like to book the Jamatkhana room for longer each day, before and after services. This way, students have a place to study and for execs to meet before services, and we have a place to hold events after without impeding others use of the room.

School interactions: I’d like to pair up with various clubs for events throughout the year. We’ve already paired with MOSAIC for a charity event, and I hope to pair with them again. I’ve also contacted JSA in regards to the interfaith dinner they hold each year. We’ve been invited to the event (shared with other religious groups on campus including MSA) next year. Hopefully, we can open lines of communication early enough to be a part of that in January of 2015. I’d like to open up all of our non-Ismaili-centric events to non-Ismailis.

Jamatkhana interactions: Calgary has a vast Ismaili community. I’d like to get involved with AKYSB, hosting events for the youth (particularly secondary students) of the Jamat, as well as some of the younger BUI students. I want to get announcements in Khane, in the al-Akbar, and on the notice board for our major events. I’d also like to open up our Ismaili-centric events to all Ismailis in Calgary. We can use Post Sec Rotation as a way to interact with the Jamats by holding events in Khane as opposed to in third party venues.

Funding: funding is available through Student’s Union, but in order to receive it, we need to prove our value to the school. We can do that by getting involved with other clubs and hosting charity events for the school. I’d also like to get on the mehmani lists for every Jamatkhana in Calgary. I’d also like to get as many donations as possible from the Jamat, but in return, we need to show value and be active in Jamatkhanas. For bigger events such as Post Sec khushiali and Gala, I’d like to have as much subsidized for participants as possible. Ideally, I’d like to reduce the cost of Gala to $15 per member; it’s an unrealistic goal, but one to strive for.

Events: I’d like to have a hierarchical structure of events: major, medial, and minimal. Major events take place around Calgary; these include Gala, Post Sec Khushiali (only Ismailis), and retro skate night. Medial events take place on campus in Either UofC or MRU. Minimal events take place in Campus Jamatkhana; depending on the event, we will invite either non-members or non-Ismailis. Events will be decided based on ideas from both Execs and members, to expand our repertoire. I’d also like to hold a few member-exclusive events, just to incentivize membership and give something back to those that stick with us.

Meetings: I’d like to open up ISA exec meetings to ISA members. During each meeting, members will have an opportunity to voice their concerns and ideas, we can also open up the floor in a more personal way than online surveys. The meetings will hopefully be held in the Jamatkhana room.

These are some things I can hopefully bring to the ISA table next year. If you like these ideas, or would like to add some of your own, please vote for me on Thursday, April 3rd at Camous Jamatkhana



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