children’s story gone adult.


Goldilocks awoke to the sound of birds singing in the trees. She looked around, seeing only trees spinning around her. Her brain was pounding out of her head. Her whole body was sore. She reached up to rub a bump on her head but found her hand to be covered in blood. She looked down and examined her body: her dress was torn to shreds and stained crimson from various wounds on her arms and legs. She was missing a shoe as well. She felt something sticking to the inside of her thigh.
The throbbing in her head subsided slightly and the forest stopped spinning around her. She saw a cloak tossed against some rock near her and reached out to grab it. Wrapping the cloak around her, she pushed herself to her feet. Goldilocks looked around her again, turning on her bruised heels. There was nothing around her, only desolate nature. Nothing except…
She saw a small log cabin hidden among the trees. Becoming hopeful, Goldilocks pushed off toward the cabin, limping on her one-shoes feet through the pine needles and leaves. She came upon the cabin and, as quietly as she could, approached the doorway. Nothing stirred inside. She couldn’t hear a sound. Carefully, Goldilocks pushed the cabin door open and stepping inside.
“Hello?” she tried. The crack in her voice surprised her. “Is anyone home?” No reply. She tried again. “Hello?” A little bit louder, her voice was shaking now, and her throat was sore and dry. Still, there was no answer. Goldilocks looked around the cabin.
It was one large room with three beds arranged in one corner and a kitchen in the other. There were some toys on the floor and a book sitting on the armrest of an old, worn sofa. In the middle of the cabin sat a wide table. On the table, sat three large bowls. Goldilocks could see steam rising from the bowls. She limped hurriedly toward the table, her mouth watering at the prospect of food. She came to find the bowls filled with porridge. She grabbed the nearest bowl and lifted the spoon to her mouth. The piping hot porridge burned her tongue and she howled, dropping the spoon onto the table with a clang. Goldilocks breathed deeply, pressing her tongue to the roof of her mouth. The other bowl looked a little cooler than the first. She reached for the second bowl and brought tasted again. The porridge was cold and chalky. It made her throat even more dry. Disgusted, Goldilocks dropped the second spoon and made for the last bowl. She cautiously tasted the porridge and found it to be delicious: the perfect temperature, moist, and with a hint of cinnamon.
Goldilocks found a chair to enjoy her meal in. She sat down, but the pressure of the wood chair dug into the bruised that ran down the back of her legs. She yelped and bolted up. The second chair had cushions on it, so she tried to sit in that one. The cushions were old and worn, and Goldilocks suck into them. With some effort, she pushed herself out of the chair and made for the other end of the table. She found the last chair to be soft but firm, and sat in it while she polished off the bowl of porridge.
After, she was done, she looked around the cabin once more. The beds lining the corner looked inviting. She walked up to them an found no mattress on the first bed, just a thin foam pad on a wooden base. The second bed looked as though it was made from the same cushions as the chair. The last bed was smaller, a better fit for Goldilocks. When she laid down, it was soft on her aching body. Before she new it, Goldilocks had fallen asleep.
The creaking of the cabin door awoke Goldilocks. After a second to find her voice, Goldilocks called out an apology. “I’m really sorry to barge in like this but-” The words caught in Goldilocks’ mouth.
In the doorway stood a giant grizzly bear. Its massive body hunched into the cabin. Its fur was tussled and its eyes looked wildly around. The bear paused, sniffing the air. It had caught the scent of Goldilocks’ blood, which had stained her clothes and skin, and began pawing its way toward her. Goldilocks let out a piercing scream which was answered by the bears roar. It broke into a sprint, crashing trough the table and toward the bed. Goldilocks tried to back away, but could only push herself against the wall. The bear was upon her. She pulled the cloak close around her and shut her eyes as a massive paw swung toward her cowering head.

When the owners of the cabin came home, they found their place trashed and the mauled body of a young girl splayed on their son’s bed. The authorities came and took some samples from the crime scene and gave the family a place to stay. They learned that the little girl was actually from a small town nearby the forest. Her parents had reported her missing two days earlier. They also found another DNA match, taken from what was left of the girl’s leg. This match was from an older man. The man was taken in for questioning and later confessed that he had abducted the girl from her home, raped her violently, and left her to die in the forest. He was sentenced to life in prison, without parole.


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