everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t

– Bill Nye, the Science Guy

aqil’s notebook

In addition to being a religious education teacher, I’m also personally fascinated with the philosophy and history of Ismaili (particularly Nizari) Islam. So I’ve created an entire separate blog, entitled “Aqil’s Notebook” (مجاه عاقل است in Persian) where I explore these ideas as well as figure out my own beliefs about the universe. I’ll hopefully be posting something new every Wednesday.

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Having anxiety is no laughing matter, until you have to explain what your symptoms and triggers are. But just like a boggart, it’s ridiculous after you’ve dealt with it, but terrifying while it’s attacking.

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surviving happiness.

Check out my graphic novel on dealing with depression and suicide.

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Check out some of the graphic work I’ve done.

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how to be an english major.

Still some of my favourite blog posts. Read how to be an english major for hints and tips on surviving any university-level writing. Part 1, Part 2Part 3, academic writing, and a guide to writing papers.